Trip to Cambridge


Trip to British and Science Museum

Today we went to the British Museum and the Science Museum by coach. We went to a hall about Egypt and saw Mummies from 5000 years ago and other artifacts which were really interesting. We also visited halls from Greek, Roman and Anglo-Saxon times. We saw statues of the Greek Gods and Roman weapons. They were old and special. I took may pictures and lastly we got to see the Rosetta Stone where many people had crowded around to take pictures.

After a quick lunch we went to the Science Museum where we saw loads of cool things. On the first floor we saw an exhibit on space and vehicles and an exhibit on materials on the second. It’s really useful for us to know and learn more about these things. Finally we went to the Energy and Aerospace halls where we saw some extraordinary planes. At the shop we were able to buy some amazing souvenirs and overall it was an interesting and fun day!

Day with Host Family

Today we were finally free from school. Our host family took us to the park through a lush forest by bicycle in the afternoon. We were so lucky that it was a sunny day without any rain.

In the park we had loads of fun with our host family’s children. We played football and hide and seek in a large field. When we arrived home we were exahusted and felt very hungy. The dinner surprised us since it was chicken curry and rice. We had missed rice so much that we ate a lot! After dinner we played Xbox with our host family’s children which we enjoyed a lot and we had felt satisfied with the such a nice day.


Trip to Cambridge

Today we went to Cambridge. After an early start and a trip on the coach we arrived to a wet and windy town which was beautiful. There were many historic and traditional buildings all around but it was so busy. We didn’t think we had seen so many tourists in our lives! We visited the historic King’s College of Cambridge University and see it’s historic chapel which was bigger than Hong Kong Cathedral! We got to see people punting along the river, a traditional sort of boat and cross the bridge of Whispers.

Afterwards we had some time to explore the markets of Cambridge and enter some traditional shops to buy sweets and souvenirs. All in all it was a really fun day (apart from the weather) but I don’t think I could live in Cambridge because it was as busy as Hong Kong.